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Where a person fails to appear in court or pay the fines and costs imposed by a court, his or her ability to obtain or renew a driver’s license or to register a vehicle may be impaired. Additional information is set forth below.
License Forfeiture

Under Ohio Revised Code 4510.22, where a person who has a current, valid Ohio driver’s license, temporary permit, or commercial license, is charged with a traffic violation and either
  1. fails to appear in court at the required time and place to answer the charge, or
  2. is found guilty of the violation and fails within the time allowed by the court to pay the fine imposed by the court;
the court shall declare the forfeiture of the person’s license. Thirty days after the declaration of the forfeiture, the court must inform the Bureau of Motor Vehicles of the forfeiture.

The Bureau of Motor Vehicles will impose a class F suspension of the person’s license, which is a suspension that continues until all conditions are met. The Bureau will notify the person of the suspension at his or her last known address.

Where such a suspension is imposed, no valid driver’s license or commercial driver’s license shall be granted to the person unless the court orders that the forfeiture be terminated. In addition, neither the registrar nor any deputy registrar shall accept any application for the registration or transfer of registration of any motor vehicle owned or leased by the person named in the declaration of forfeiture.

In order to clear a license suspension, the person must:
  1. appear in court and answer the charge and pay any fines imposed, or
  2. pay the fine originally imposed, and
  3. pay the Court the filing fee, and
  4. pay the Bureau of Motor Vehicles a reinstatement fee.
Warrant Block

Under R.C. 4507.091, municipal and county courts have authority to send the Bureau of Motor Vehicles a report with name, address and relevant information for any person for whom an arrest warrant has been issued.

Upon its receipt of this information, the Bureau will issue a warrant block that prevents the person from being issued a temporary permit, driver’s license, or commercial driver’s license. It will also block the individual from vehicle registration privileges. The block stays in effect until the registrar receives notification that there are no outstanding arrest warrants in the name of the person.

In order to clear a warrant block, the person must
  1. Comply with the requirements of the court,
  2. Pay the court the filing fee, and
  3. Pay the Bureau of Motor Vehicles a fee.

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