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  1. The Fresh Start program applies to cases where the offender has unpaid fines and costs and his or her ability to get a driver’s license is blocked or the license was forfeited.
    • Program does not apply to offenders who failed to appear for a court date and was never sentenced and the case is not closed. In these cases, the offender must post bond and get a new court date.
  2. Offender may bring in $200.00 to the Clerk of Court’s office and obtain a release of all blocks on his or her driver’s license.
    • Offender may pay in cash, credit card or money order.  NO PERSONAL CHECKS
    • If the offender has multiple cases, the release will be issued on all cases with the payment of the $200.00 being applied to the oldest case first.
  3. If there is a balance due after payment of the $200.00, the Offender will meet with the  Collection Division to complete a Collection Information Sheet and receive a date for a Fines and Costs Interview.
  4. The Offender may only take advantage of this Program once. If he or she pays the $200.00 but another forfeiture/block is issued for failure to appear, the Offender must pay the full balance to obtain another release. 
  5. Participating in Fresh Start will enable the offender to apply to the Ohio Bureau of Motor Vehicles for its Reinstatement Fee Amnesty Program.  Our court has no control over the BMV program and offender must contact the BMV for information. For information on the OBMV program, go to
  6.  This program continues through 07/31/2019


2017 Annual Report

Click here for the 2017 Garfield Heights Municipal Court's Annual Report.