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Filers must meet the following minimum requirements to access the system.

The Electronic Filing System operates on the ."pdf" format. To file or view a document you must install a pdf viewer compatible with your web browser.  Adobe offers a free PDF Viewer here.  Windows10 users can view pdf files within the EDGE browser. 


The document being filed must be converted to a, ".tif" or "pdf" file format.  Make sure your pdf file is not secured or locked with a password. To convert documents to a ".tif" or “.pdf” formats here are two ways.

  1. You may purchase or use freeware printer software that will print (create) your document in either the “.tif” or “.pdf” format. These printers DO NOT print out paper copies they create a file in the format you selected.

  2. If you own a scanner, it probably came with software that will allow you to save the scanned image in various file formats. You will first need to print the document to paper, scan it, then save it as a ".tif" or “.pdf” file, and then e-file that file.

You might even be able to use your document program (i.e. Word) which may allow you to save your document as a “.pdf” file in the “save as” function.

You must be registered with the Clerk of Court to use the system. Registration is required for security purposes and to obtain a copy of the signature of the person who will be responsible for the document filed. Remember all persons filing documents with the Clerk are bound by Rule 11 of the Ohio Civil Rules of Procedure and Garfield Heights Municipal Court Local Rule 7. To register with the Clerk , click here

The Clerk is not charging any additional cost for using the Electronic Filing System. However, you must pay the court costs normally associated with any document being filed according to the schedule set by the Court in its Local Rules or Court Orders. No document will be deemed filed until the Clerk receives payment in full of any applicable court costs. To enable timely filing and payment of the court costs, you may charge the cost to VISA, Mastercard, Discover, or American Express.