We have continued the COVID safety measures put in place during the Pandemic.
Everyone entering the building must:

  • Wear a mask
  • Have your temperature taken
  • Register for tracking purposes

Plexiglass shields have been installed in each courtroom and in the Clerk’s Office.
Air filters are provided in select areas around the building.

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On-line Dispute Resolution

We have been chosen by the Ohio Supreme Court to participate in the On-Line Dispute Resolution Pilot Project for evictions and small claims cases.  We have voluntarily extended the program to traffic cases also. 

The concept is that either party can access the website, register and then send an email to the other party requesting mediation. Through email exchanges they can attempt to settle their cases or request the assistance of a mediator.   If a case is settled through mediation, each party agrees to a standard settlement agreement provided by the system which is then automatically filed with the Clerk and adopted by a judge.  The mediator will also assist in completion of the form. 

All parties in evictions and small claims cases will be notified of this service in the Summons.  Also, when someone checks his/her case from our on-line docket, a link appears that tells them they qualify for mediation.

In traffic cases, defendants with cases from the Garfield Heights Police Department ONLY will receive a notice with the ticket describing this service as will as the E-Pleas service

As these are all voluntary services, the level of use and successful outcomes will determine whether this system is retained for a second year.