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Clerk of Court

CLERK OF COURT, Alexander F. Grgat
The Clerk of the Garfield Heights Municipal Court is Alexander F. Grgat. The Clerk’s office is responsible for accepting and processing documents filed in all criminal, traffic and civil matters, and for maintaining complete and accurate records.

The Office of the Clerk can:

  1. Help you find information about your case.
  2. Provide information about fines and costs.
  3. Give you scheduling information.
  4. Provide information about rescheduling a court hearing.
  5. Answer your questions about court proceedings.
  6. Provide copies of the Local Rules of Court and other helpful information.
  7. Direct you to other agencies that can provide additional assistance to you.

The Office of the Clerk cannot:

  1. Give you legal advice.
  2. Recommend an attorney.
  3. Fill out forms for you.
  4. Tell you what to say or write to the Court.

Contact information: You may email, fax, write to or call the Office of the Clerk of Court.

Alexander F. Grgat, Clerk of Court 
5555 Turney Road 
Garfield Heights, Ohio 44125 
Telephone: 216.475.1900 
Fax: 216.475.3087