We have continued the COVID safety measures put in place during the Pandemic.
Everyone entering the building must:

  • Wear a mask
  • Have your temperature taken
  • Register for tracking purposes

Plexiglass shields have been installed in each courtroom and in the Clerk’s Office.
Air filters are provided in select areas around the building.

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The Rules of Probation


Instead of a jail sentence, the Court may sentence an offender to community control sanctions which are supervised by a probation officer.  There are many sanctions the Court may impose which include but are not limited to…

  • Community service
  • Treatment for substance abuse or mental health issues
  • Electronic monitoring
  • Home detention
  • No contact with victims or others harmed by contact with the offender
  • Drug testing
  • Education programs such as parenting, domestic violence or anger management classes
  • Prohibition of committing more crimes or traffic offense
  • Rehabilitating property in building code violation cases

If the offender does not satisfy the terms of the community control sanctions within the time period ordered by the Judge, the probation officer will file a Notice of Probation Violation and set the matter for hearing before the Judge. If the Judge finds the offender guilty of a probation violation, she can order the offender to be sentenced to jail.

Each Judge sets her own probation rules which offenders must follow while they are completing their community control sanctions.

Communications with Probation Officers

Due to limited staff, probationers may not contact their probation officer by telephone.  They may contact the probation officers as follows:
FAX  (216) 475-4781