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Notice to Terminate

The second type of notice that is sometimes required is called the notice to terminate month-to-month tenancy. This type of notice is different from the 3 day notice.

A landlord may or may not have to serve a notice to terminate month-to-month tenancy. A notice to terminate month-to-month tenancy must be served on the tenant if:

  • The tenancy at issue is a month-to-month tenancy, the landlord must give the tenant a separate 30 day notice to terminate the tenancy.
  • The tenant fails to fulfill an obligation under Ohio law that materially affects health and safety such as failure to maintain the premises in a clean and pest free condition.
  • The 30 day notice is served in the same manner as the 3 day notice.

It is possible that landlords will have to give one or both of these notices to their tenants. For example, a residence occupied by tenants that fail to meet their obligations under law and affect health and safety would have to receive both notices of termination.

If the premises are tied to a federal subsidy commonly known as “Section 8 housing,” the landlord must comply with the notice requirements set by federal laws. These requirements are more complex. There can be three different time periods for notices of eviction under federal law. Landlords should talk to a lawyer to make sure that they are giving proper notice to the tenant and CHMA.