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Evictions occur when a landlord seeks to remove a tenant from a rental property.  Landlords can make a claim at the Garfield Heights Municipal Court to try to obtain a Writ of Restitution, which would allow them to remove the tenant from the property.

Evictions are also known as forcible entry and detainer cases.

Eviction cases are often complex matters which are governed by the law of the State of Ohio. The law sets out procedures that must be strictly followed in order to have a Writ of Restitution granted. The same law also gives both the landlord and tenant certain rights and responsibilities. The court strongly recommends that both the landlord and tenant consult lawyers to protect their rights during eviction cases.   See the Court Information Sheet for answers to common questions.

For more information for both landlords and tenants, contact:

Cleveland Tenants Organization

5700 Broadway Avenue
Cleveland, Ohio 44127
(216) 432-0617

The court encourages landlords and tenants to discuss their problems in an attempt to resolve the dispute prior to trial. If the parties cannot reach an agreement, the landlord must give two types of notices to the tenant to leave the rental unit before going to court to file an eviction case.

If during the court process the parties are able to reach an agreement outside the court, they must notify the court in writing before their next hearing date.

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