We have continued the COVID safety measures put in place during the Pandemic.
Everyone entering the building must:

  • Wear a mask
  • Have your temperature taken
  • Register for tracking purposes

Plexiglass shields have been installed in each courtroom and in the Clerk’s Office.
Air filters are provided in select areas around the building.

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Trial Dates

Trial Dates (Continuances)


Be on time to your hearing! If a landlord is late or absent, the case will be dismissed.  If the tenant is late or absent, a default judgment will probably be granted, which means the landlord automatically wins.

If you cannot make it to court on your trial date, you may request a continuance but in eviction cases, the other side must agree to a continuance  A continuance reschedules the trial to a future date.  The plaintiff or the defendant may request a continuance but contact the other party to obtain their consent before you file a request for continuance with the Clerk of Court.  You must deliver the written request for a continuance to the Clerk of Court at least 7 days before the date of your trial. Continuances are not automatically granted by the court and are only granted in writing. Unless you receive a written court order continuing the case before trial, you should assume the hearing will proceed as originally scheduled.

Your written request must include:

  • The case number
  • Names of the parties
  • The date and time of your currently scheduled trial
  • Reasons for the request
  • The next date you are available for trial

Mail your completed request to:

Clerk of Court
Garfield Heights Municipal Court
5555 Turney Road
Garfield Heights, Ohio 44125

You may fax your request to 216-475-3087.  If you do not file your request at least 7 days before the trial date, you must go to court on the trial date and make your request to the magistrate.  Generally, on the day of trial, a magistrate will grant a request to reschedule a case only in exceptional circumstances.