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Camera Citations

Traffic Camera Information Sheet

Traffic camera violations carry a civil penalty which is a monetary fine. You will have no conviction and no points on your driving record.  Currently only two Villages in the Court District issue traffic camera violations.  They are the Village of Newburgh Heights and the Village of Walton Hills.  

Traffic camera violations are now under the sole jurisdiction of the Municipal Court instead of the Village Mayor’s Courts and are governed by Ohio Revised Code Sections 4511.092 through 4511.099. Other than issuing the Notice of Liability for the violation, the Villages no longer have a role in adjudicating charges or providing a payment plan. Any filings should be with the Clerk of Court for the Garfield Heights Municipal Court. 


You may file any documents on-line at, by US Mail, by faxing to 216-475-3087, or by calling the Clerk’s Office at 216-475-1900 option 5, to schedule a time to drop it off during normal business hours.  The forms referred to below can be downloaded from the Court’s website at


The rights of persons cited are set forth in Ohio Revised Code 4511.098.  These are your choices if you receive a traffic camera Notice of Liability: 

  • Pay the fine or file a Request for Time to Pay fine. 

    Pay the fine in the manner provided on the Notice of Liability.  On the Notice you received it provides a way for you to pay online, pay by phone or pay by mail.  Upon payment in full the matter is completed. You will have no points or a conviction on your driving record. You do not have to file anything with the Court or contact the Court.   If you are not contesting the citation, but are requesting additional time to pay, you will need to file a Motion for Time to Pay.  The filing fee to file a Request for Time to pay is $15.00.  You must file this request within 30 days of the receipt of Notice of Liability. 

  • 2. File a Transfer of Liability Form if you were not the driver

    If another person was driving the vehicle, file a Transfer of Liability Form within 30 days of the receipt of the Notice of Liability. The form must contain the name and address of the driver and you must sign this form in front of a notary or a court deputy clerk.  The driver will receive a Notice of Liability and your case will be finished. There is no filing fee.

  • 3. File a Transfer of Liability Form if your vehicle or plates were stolen

    If your vehicle or license plates were stolen prior to the violation date on the Notice of Liability, file a Transfer of Liability Form within 30 days of the receipt of the Notice of Liability.  You must also attach a copy of the police report which you made within 48 hours after the theft.  You must sign this form in front of a notary or a court deputy clerk.  The Court will dismiss the charge against you after the form and police report are filed.  There is no filing fee.

  • 4. File a Request for Hearing if you contest the citation

    You may contest the Notice of Liability by filing a Request for Hearing Form with the Clerk within 30 days after receipt of the ticket. The failure to request a hearing within this time period constitutes a waiver of the right to contest the charge and is deemed to constitute an admission of liability and waiver of the opportunity to contest the charge.   You may use our e-filing system to file your Request for Hearing Form.

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