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There are many types of suspensions that a court or the OBMV can impose on a person’s license.  Most court suspensions are imposed because a person got convicted of an offense. Most court suspensions are for a definite period of time.

OBMV suspensions usually are imposed because a person failed to do something that the law requires (like pay child support) or the person frequently violated traffic laws (got 12 points in a 2 year period).  Most OBMV suspensions are for a definite period of time. Learn more at the OBMV website.

Common Reasons for Suspension


Who suspends?

Failure to prove auto financial responsibility (insurance or a FR bond) is valid at time of ticket or accident


Failure to pay judgment arising out of auto accident



Failure to post a security deposit with the OBMV after causing an accident and not having auto financial responsibility to cover the damages



Failure to pay child support


Getting 12 points in a 2 year period



Refusing or failing a chemical test after being arrested for OVI



Not appearing for court or failing to pay fine on time in a traffic case


Conviction of certain offenses, like OVI, drugs, certain types of hit-skip, fleeing and eluding the police and driving under suspension

Court imposes at time of sentencing

Limited Driving Privileges During Suspension

In most cases, a court can grant Limited Driving Privileges (LDP’s) during a court imposed suspension.  A court cannot grant LDP’s during an OBMV imposed suspension unless expressly allowed to do so under the law.

If a person is under multiple suspensions, he/she has to obtain LDP’s under each suspension in order to have any driving privileges.  Only the court that imposed a suspension can grant LDP’s during that suspension. For answers to commonly asked questions, go to the Court Information Sheet.

Requesting LDP’s

A person under suspension may ask the court for LDP’s if eligible under the law.  Generally, the person would need to:

  • Fill out and submit the Application for Limited Driving Privileges to the Clerk of Court with the filing fee
  • Attach proof of current auto financial responsibility (auto insurance or a FR bond which meets the state’s minimum requirements) to the request.
  • Attach proof of employment, education, and/or vocational training, together with a list of the days and hours of each to the request. LDP’s can only be granted for those purposes, for medical purposes, to attend court ordered treatment, and to take the driver’s license exam

Sometimes, like during a suspension for refusing or failing a chemical test after an OVI arrest, there is a waiting period that must pass before a court can grant LDP’s.

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