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Drivers who commit moving violations are given points.  Drivers with no points have a clean record. If a driver gets too many points, they may face consequences. For example, if a driver gets 12 points in a two year period, their license will be suspended by the OBMV.

A person who has at least 2 points but less than 12 points during a two year period can take a remedial driving course for a two point credit. If the person passes the course and sends proof and an application to the OBMV, they will have 14 points to spend over the two year period instead of the usual 12. Points cannot be deleted by taking a driving course.  The credit is only available once every three years and only five times in total.

Points are based on a set formula. The more serious the violation, the more points the driver gets.  The court determines the number of points based on the law and reports the number to the OBMV. Most moving violations and license violations will be assessed two points by the court. Some more serious violations will be assessed six points. The table below provides  examples. For a complete list, visit the OBMV website.

Ohio Traffic Violations and Point Values

Violation Type

Example Offenses


Moving violations



Reckless Driving


Operating a vehicle under the influence (OVI)


Driving under a 12 point license suspension


Drag racing


Fleeing and eluding


Some “hit-skip" offenses


Vehicle registration violations and equipment violations

Expired tags



Multiple Offenses

If a driver is accused of more than one violation in the same traffic stop, they will only get the number of points for their most serious offense. If the number of points for the violations is the same, the driver will only be assessed points for one violation. That means that points for multiple violations on the same traffic stop do not add up on your license.

Example: If a driver is speeding (2 points) and driving recklessly (4 points), before getting pulled over, the driver would only get 4 points assessed to their license.

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