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E-License Reinstatement

The Court is trying to assist people with reinstating their licenses remotely during the Pandemic.  The Court has the authority to grant driving privileges, modify some suspension, and grant OBMV reinstatement fee payment plans.  The Court CANNOT

  • Modify suspensions issued by other courts
  • Grant driving privileges in all cases

Prior to contacting the Court, you should research your suspensions through the website of the Ohio Bureau of Motor Vehicle (OBMV).  The OBMV website will give a list of all your reinstatement requirements, the amount of reinstatement fees and the requirements for clearing the suspensions.  Start with Ohio BMV - Online Services and research your suspension. Examine the reinstatement requirements for each suspension you have at Ohio BMV Suspensions and Reinstatements.

If you find you have any suspensions from the Garfield Heights Municipal Court or you think you may qualify for driving privileges, you may file an Application for Limited Driving on a court form provided on this website (put in link to form) with the filing fee.  The Court will review your application and notify you of the decision.

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E-License Reinstatement

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