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Suspension of Driver's License

If you got your judgment because the person who owes you operated a motor vehicle negligently, and it has been at least 30 days since you got your judgment, you can get their Ohio driver’s license suspended.

To get their license suspended, file a written request with the Clerk of Court for a Certificate of Judgment to the Ohio Bureau of Motor Vehicles with a $40.00 filing fee. You must list the date of the accident and provide at least two of the following items of information:

  • Their  driver's license number
  • Their  social security number
  • Their  date of birth

A police report will usually have this information. The license will be suspended when the Ohio Bureau of Motor Vehicles receives the Certificate of Judgment from the Clerk of Court.

How long will the driver’s license be suspended? 

The driver’s license will be suspended for seven years or until the judgment is paid in full, enters into a payment plan with you, or files bankruptcy.  Additional information is available here.

How often should I calculate interest on my judgment? 

Once you have obtained your judgment, you may also add interest to it. 

Each time you receive a payment from the person that owes you or pay another court fee, you should calculate new interest and the remaining amount due. The rate of interest that you can add to your judgment can be found in your final judgment entry.

The Ohio Bureau of Motor Vehicles provides information about Driver License Suspension due to court judgments.